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Super Junior Profile

Lee Teuk
• Real Name: Park Jung Su
• Religion : Christian
• Birthday : July 01, 1983
• Height: 178 cm
• Weight: 59 kg
• Blood Type: A
• Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
• First Appearance: 2000 MBC "All About Eve"
• Trivia: Is the leader and the oldest of Super Junior. He was the first member of Super Junior that was accepted into SM Entertainment.

Hee Chul
• Nickname: Cinderella
• Birthday: July 10, 1983
• Religion: atheist/agnostic[2]
• Height: 179 cm
• Weight: 60 kg
• Blood Type: AB
• Hobbies: poetry, drawing comics, computer games, eating alot
• Trivia: He is currently a sophomore at Sangji Yongseo College.
• Other: older brother of Kim Bo Mi (ex-M.I.L.K)

Han Kyung
• Birthday: February 9, 1984
• Height: 181 cm
• Religion : Atheist
• Weight: 66 kg
• Blood Type: B
• Hobbies: martial arts, dancing, Chinese traditional dancing, ballet
• First Appearance: May 2005, Fashion Show F/W general idea by Bum Suk
• Trivia: He lives in a dorm with Heechul and Kibum separate from the other members. His idol is Andy Lau; he also admires Lee-Hom Wang and Jang Donggun.

Ye Sung
• Real Name: Kim Jong Woon
• Religion : Catholic
• Birthday: August 24, 1984
• Height: 178 cm
• Weight: 64 kg
• Blood Type: AB
• Casting: Starlight Casting System 2001
• First Appearance: November 1999, Chunan Gayoje Gold Statue

Kang In
• Real Name: Kim Young Woon
• Religion : Atheist
• Nickname: Raccoon
• Birthday: January 17, 1985
• Height: 180 cm
• Weight: 70 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Casting: 4th SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2002
• First Appearance: May 2002, SBS "A Man And A Woman"
• Trivia Fact: He MC's for "M!Countdown" with bandmates Eeteuk and Shindong. He celebrated his 100th day as a DJ in mid-June, 2006. He currently DJ's for "Chunbangjichuk Radio" where Super Junior members often visit as guests.

Shin Dong
• Real Name: Shin Dong Hee
• Religion : Christian
• Birthday: September 28, 1985
• Height: 178 cm
• Weight: 90 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Casting: 9th SM Youth Best Selection Best Comedian 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2005
• First Appearance: July 2002, Goyangsi Yout Dance Part Daesang/Compensation
• Trivia Fact: MC's for "M!Countdown" with Kangin and Eeteuk. He mixes the songs and choreographs for most of the Super Junior dances.

Sung Min
• Full Name: Lee Sung Min
• Religion : Christian
• Nickname: Sweet Pumpkin
• Birthday: January 01, 1986
• Height: 175 cm
• Weight: 57 kg
• Blood Type: A
• Casting: 1st SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 2001
• First Appearance: 2002 Survival Audition HeeJun vs. KangTa Battle of the Century
• Trivia: His love for Sweet Pumpkins earned him his nickname. He started martial arts in high school and taught himself how to do nunchucks. Before the debut of TVXQ and Super Junior, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Xiah Junsu of TVXQ were meant to be in a R&B group called "Daeneb" (pronunciation), but it fell through.

Eun Hyuk
• Real Name: Lee Hyuk Jae
• Religion : Christian
• Nickname: Monkey
• Birthday: April 04, 1986
• Height: 175 cm
• Weight: 57 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
• First Appearance: 2000 Goyangsi Youth Dance Business Contest Gold Statue
• Trivia: Due to the fact that his real name was the same as a very established and famous Korean comedian, SM Entertainment issued him a stage name. He is a very close friend with Kim Junsu from DBSK and went to the same elementary, middle school together.

Dong Hae
• Full Name: Lee Dong Hae
• Religion : Christian
• Nickname: Pinocchio ;Fishie
• Birthdate: October 15, 1986
• Height: 177 cm
• Weight: 58 kg
• Blood Type: A
• Casting: 3rd SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place, Wholeness Compensation 2001
• First Appearance: November 2005, SBS "Shin DongYop's There is There Isn't" panel
• Triva: He is close friends with U-Know Yunho of TVXQ. His father, who he hadn't seen for two years due to his training as a singer, passed away on August 8, 2006 due to chronic illness. He was put into a five member group with Leeteuk before the debut of Super Junior, but it fell through. Some of the names for that group were "OK", "Smile", and "Pricor".

Si Won
• Religion : Christianity
• Nickname: Simba
• Birthday: February 10, 1987
• Height: 183 cm
• Weight: 65 kg
• Blood Type: B
• Hobbies: singing, dancing, watching movies, Taekwondo, Chinese (language), playing drums(Recently (9/3/06) Si-won performed with another SM Group, The TRAX on SBS Inki-gayo as the drummer since their drummer and letter in their group Rose(R) left the group.)

Ryeo Wook
• Full Name: Kim Ryeo Wook
• Religion : Christian
• Birthday: June 21, 1987
• Height: 173 cm
• Weight: 58 kg
• Blood Type: O
• Casting: CMB Youth ChinChin Festival Popular Reward 2004
• First Appearance: June 2004, MBC "Starry Night" Contest 1st Place

Ki Bum
• Full Name: Kim Ki Bum
• Religion : Christian
• Nickname: Snow White
• Birthday: August 21, 1987
• Height: 179 cm
• Weight: 58 kg
• Blood Type: A
• Casting: Starlight Casting System 2002
• First Appearance: April 2004, KBS "April Kiss" TV Series
• Trivia Fact: Kibum lived in the United States for five years and attended Santa Monica High School in California. He also has an IQ of 138 (Happy Sunday Heroine 6 on 7/2/06)

Kyu Hyun
• Full Name: Cho Kyu Hyun
• Religion : Christian
• Birthday: February 03, 1988
• Height: 180 cm
• Weight: 68 kg
• Blood Type: A
• Casting: Chin Chin Singing Competition, 3rd place
• First Appearance: "New Single Jacket Photoshoot" (news on television)
• Trivia Fact: He was added to Super Junior right before their 200th day Anniversary. He was discovered at a Chin Chin Singing Competition and featured in the video of a remake of TVXQ's song "Hi Ya Ya" with other Chin Chin idols. He is currently a Modern Music major at Kyunghee University.

Super Junior - The First Single - U
(Released on June 13, 2006)
01. U
02. Endless Moment
03. Lovely Day
04. Dancing Out

Super Junior Vol. 1 - Super Junior 05
(Released on December 7, 2005)
01. Miracle
02. Twins (Knock Out)
03. You Are The One
04. Rock This House
05. Way For Love
06. So I
07. Over
08. Keep In Touch
09. L.O.V.E
10. Believe
11. Twins (Knock Out) Inst.

Joint discography

(Released on June 22, 2006)
01. Red Sun - SM TOWN
02. 오아시스 (Oasis) - TVXQ
03. Dancing Out - Super Junior
04. 한 여름밤의 고백 (Summer Night Love) - Kang Ta
05. TOUCH - BoA
06. Catch the shooting star - TSZX
07. 너없이 (without you) - The TRAX
08. Raindrops - HyeonJin
09. Shake - Black Beat
10. Smile! - Super Junior
11. 태양은 가득히 (Red Sun) Instrumental

TVXQ & Super Junior - Show Me Your Love
(Released on December 15, 2005)
01. Show Me Your Love - TVXQ & Super Junior
02. I Wanna Hold You - TVXQ
03. 오늘만은 (I'm Your Man) - Super Junior
04. Show Me Your Love (Instrumental)

Variety shows
• Super Junior Show
• Princess Diaries (2006)
• Mnet Super Junior Reality Survival Mini-Drama
• Mystery 6 (2006)
• SBS Love Letter
• Mnet M! Countdown
• SBS X-man-
• KBS Herione 6
• Happy Together
• YoungStreet Radio Show
• KMTV Music Show Tank
• Star Golden Bell
• Happy Sunday
• SBS Super Junior Full House
• Super Adonis Camp
• Sponge
• Vitamin
• Chunbangjichuk Radio
• Itta Opptta
• 2002 Survival Audition HeeJun vs. KangTa Battle of the Century
• M.I.R.A.C.L.E for You


Kim Hee Chul
• Sharp 2 (2005)
• Loveholic (2005)
• Rainbow Romance (2005-2006)
• Bad Family (2006)

Kang In
• A Man and A Woman (2002)

Lee Sung Min
• Sea of Sisters (2005)
• SBS's Banjun Theater: Finding Lost Time (2006)

Choi Si Won
• Previous Family (2004)
• 18 vs 29 (2005)
• Spring Waltz (2006)

Kim Ki Bum
• Sharp 2 (2005)
• Rainbow Romance (2005-2006)
• Marrying A Millionaire
• April Kiss 4 (2004)

Choi Si Won
• Parent's Permission (2004)
• Charnel Boy (2006)
• Battle of Wits (2006)


Lee Teuk
• Pepsi (2000)
• IVY Club (2006)
• Heat Hunt (2006)

Kim Hee Chul
• Ottogi (2006)
• Lotte Pepero (2006)
• Spris

Choi Si Won
• Elite (2004)
• Seoul Milk (2004)

Lee Dong Hae
• Heat Hunt (2006)

Kim Ki Bum
• Elite with BoA(2004)
• KTF Enterprise (2005)
• Hyundai Motors (2005)
• My Chew (2005)
• Ottogi (2006)

Music videos
• Twins (Knockout)
• Show Me Your Love with TVXQ
• Miracle
• You Are The One (Super Junior Show version)
• U
• Dancing Out

Choi Si Won
• Dana's "What is Love" (2003)

• SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song (June 25, 2006)
• M!Countdown 1st (July 6, 2006)
• SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song (July 9, 2006)
• SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song (July 16, 2006)
• M!Countdown 1st (July 20, 2006)
• SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song (August 20, 2006)
• M!Countdown 1st (August 31, 2006)
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Senin, 23 Mei 2011

Juzt twice :)

Annyeong"....Aqw ingin menceritakan sesuatu hehehehe :) Kejadian malang kembali terjadi padaku hikz T_T.
Kejadian bermulai saat pulang les hari ini (23/05/2011).Pulang pukul 06.30.Aku n temen"ku sudah berencana bahwa pulang les sore ini makan nasgor bareng.Bahkan kami sudah bertanya berpa harga nasgor di tempat yang kami tuju.*saking antusias hehehe XD.
Saat di tempat tujuan kami agak ragu untuk masuk karena diliat dari luar,kami enggak bisa duduk karena ada 2 orang yang sudah disana.Maklum,kami makan di tempat yang enggak begitu luas hehehehe(baca : Warung)
Setelah kedua orang itu pergi entah kemana cz kami enggak kenal.Kami duduk dengan santai dan memesan 4 porsi nasgor n 4 gelas es jeruk karena kami berempat.Kami menungg cukup lama.Sebenarnya kami udah enggak sabar phy mencoba bersabar *halah bahasane*.Saat makanan sudah ada di depan mata,kami langsung melahapnya karena lapar.
Setelah kenyang,tentu aja kami bayar karena kami orang yang bertanggung jawab*apa hubungane ?????*.Aku bertanya.Kira" begini percakapan singkat yang enggak jelas.

Aqw : "berapa bu semuanya ???"
Si ibu penjual (SIB) :*mencari sesuatu entah apa yg dicari * 13 x 4, 52 ribu dek...???"
Aqw : Emangnya 1 porsi berapa bu...???
SIB : 13 ribu

Mataku membelalak mendengar harga itu.Hyaaa,mahal amat perasaan nasgor paling mahal disini 10 rbu.Aku langsung mengulang kata" iu tadi kepada ke 3 temanku.Mereka kaget.Aku mengeluarkan uangku dengan sedikit tak rela karena aqw hanya membawa uang 14 ribu hikz....

Aqw : ini bu...

Hyaaaa,padahal sisanya mau tak buat beli majalah.Sabar...sabar....
Di perjalanan,aku terkekeh bareng ma temen"ku mengingat kejadian tersebut karena kejadian tersebut pernah kualami sebelumnya.

Sekian cerita gaje n menyedihkan ini hahaha.

NB : Jadikan ini pelajaran biar kagak kayak aqw hehehehe XD.
Jangan sampai dirimu mengalami kejadian yang naas ini.

Have a nice day guys:)
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Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

My Really Bad Story T__T

Dear All the people who read this story...
Allow chingu...
Today,i want to tell you about my bad day.
Hari ini bener" kesialanku. Yah,bener - bener kesialan.Ok,we can start the story.
Cit...cit..cit...(burung berkicau)
Di pagi agak siang hari yg entah mendung entah cerah itu aku bangun kesiangan.Emm,memang kebiasan yang buruk saat liburan yaitu bangun siang hehehe.Sebenernya aku ada latihan jam 8.Tetapi,aku bangun jam 8 tepat mungkin kurang sedikit lah (mungkin).Dengan gelagapan kesana kemari karena terlambat akhirnya aku berangkat.
Selesai latihan,aku dan seorang temanku,sebut saja namanya Hani.Tapi memang namanya Hani sech hehehe.Oke lanjut.Aku dan Hani,pergi ke sekolah untuk buat blog.Sampai di sekolah,sepi sunyi hanya beberapa manusia yang berada disana.Kurasa tak ada kejanggalan karena memang hari ini hari Minggu.Dengan wajah sedikit berseri - seri,kami berdua duduk dipojokan karena kami dilarang masuk kelas.Hikz...hikz... meratapi nasib dipojokan.
Nah,mungkin kami terlalu asik atau gimana kami tidak mendengar ada gerbang ditutup.
Waktu kami selesai,kami menuju ke gerbang depan sekolah untuk pulang.Tetapi,apa yang terjadi...
Jeng jeng jeng jeng.
Pintu Gerbang digembok.
Kami menunggu ada pertolongan.Kami memutari sekolah berharap ada orang namun nihil.
Yah,lima menit menunggu.Setengah jam.Hingga satu jam.
Kami berdua hanya termangu meratapi nasib kami.
Tak adakah yang bisa menolong kami...???
Akhirnya,kesialan itu berakhir.Seseorang datang membuka gembok.Kami tersenyum bahagia.Kami loncat".Saat gerbang sudah dibuka,kami bertanya pada si penjaga sekolah.
Seingatku begini percakapannya :
"Pak,tadi kemana ?"
"Ya makan,saya kan lapar"
Jadi,satu jam makan doank.Lama nian makanmu pak.Tak taukah aku dan temanku disini kelaparan.Hikz.Hik.Hikz.
Y sudahlah yang penting saya bisa keluar.Terima kasih.Terima kasih.Yey,akhirnya aku bisa tidur setelah ini. (lha...???)

Sekian my story emang geje,aneh,dan sebagainya.
Maaf y.
Khamza chingu,sudah mau membaca. :)
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Rabu, 04 Mei 2011


Annyeonghaseyo, Etza Imnida.
Hello All,this is my new blog.Enjoy and Welcome to Chocolate D.E.V.I.L Blog !!!
Khamzahamnida :)
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